Friday, May 17, 2013

Streets Of Dublin - Are These Belisha Beacons?

When I was young Belisha beacons were very common here in Dublin but there are not so many these days. I am not sure if the beacons shown in this photograph could be described as Belisha beacons … the must be new as I have not noticed them before.

A Belisha beacon is an amber-coloured globe lamp atop a tall black and white pole, marking pedestrian crossings of roads in the United Kingdom, Ireland and in other countries (e.g., Hong Kong, Malta) historically influenced by Britain. It was named after Leslie Hore-Belisha (1893–1957), the Minister of Transport who in 1934 added beacons to pedestrian crossings, marked by large metal studs in the road surface. These crossings were later painted in black and white stripes, thus are known as zebra crossings. Legally pedestrians have priority (over wheeled traffic) on such crossings.

In the Republic of Ireland, Belisha beacons are usually accompanied by much higher visibility dual flashing amber traffic lights on either side. Many zebra crossings have only these rather than Belisha beacons.

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