Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dublin Street Art (Already Being Modified)

There is an exciting experimental project underway in Dublin at present and it involves Traffic Lights (actually the control cabinets) and Street Art.

On Saturday 9th. I photographed artwork at two locations:
(1) Chancery Street - Starman
(2) Corner Church Street and Chancery Street (work in progress) - Gicelle Archanjo

On Saturday 2nd. I had the opportunity to photograph two examples:
(1) Bolton Street - Still A Work In Progress by Anna Doran
(2) Ormond Quay - "Bookcase" by Holly & Cathal. On Saturday 9th. I photographed this again as there are some additions (I assume that they are not by the original artists)

On Monday 4th. I photographed the finished version of the "Robot" on Bolton Street using a Sigma DP2

I have also located all four boxes on the Flickr Map.

For more information about the ongoing project in Dublin please visit Dublin City Council Beta Projects

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